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Boharr Universal Wealth Platform – Product Launch Updates

29th April 2024

Unleash the full potential of your wealth management services with Boharr’s game-changing multi-product platform-as-a-service. Discover Boharr’s WM-PaaS today.

Maximize your wealth management potential with Boharr’s game-changing multi-product Wealth Management Platform-as-a-Service (WMPaaS). Our end-to-end platform seamlessly integrates financial products and services, such as mutual funds, Corporate Fixed Deposits, Secondary Market Bonds, and retirement solutions allowing you to create winning customer value propositions.

Overcome cost, technology, and compliance challenges with our WMPaaS, providing your customers with a seamless and personalized financial experience, while ensuring regulatory compliance. Our API’s integrate easily into your existing infrastructure, freeing up more time to deliver exceptional customer service.

Empower your customers with comprehensive reporting and insights, allowing them to make informed investment decisions using Boharr’s WMPaaS.

Transform your wealth management services and offer true democratization of investment with Boharr’s WMPaaS.

24th April 2023

We are excited to participate in the fintech festival India and eager to showcase our unified multi-product wealth management platform to prospective banks and wealth managers and build valuable connections with industry professionals. We look forward to engaging with attendees, providing detailed information about our platform, and exploring potential partnerships.

5th April 2023

New Partnership: Boharr and CX Score: Accelerating Inclusive Product Delivery with AI-Powered Testing

At Boharr, we’re committed to creating user-friendly and inclusive products that accommodate everyone, regardless of any disabilities.

As part of our commitment, we have partnered with CX Score, the first AI-powered CXOps platform for modern product teams, to integrate their advanced technology into our testing process. Using CX Score’s “Synthetic User” technology, we can identify and address potential accessibility issues that may go undetected through traditional testing methods. This enables us to deliver more inclusive and accessible products that comply with the latest accessibility standards, including WCAG 3.

Additionally, the integration of CX Score’s AI-guided validation and built-in development tools streamlines our testing process, increasing productivity, reducing Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR), and driving a 10X increase in efficiency. This allows us to accelerate our release velocity while providing a high-quality, accessible product to our clients.

Ultimately, our focus on accessibility testing benefits our clients by enabling them to offer a product that is accessible to a wider audience, improving their reputation as an inclusive brand. By creating a product that meets the needs of all users, our clients can differentiate themselves from competitors and build a loyal customer base.

13th March 2023

New Launch: Revolutionizing Corporate Fixed Deposits: Boharr Launches First-of-its-Kind End-to-End Solution on PaaS Platform in India
We’re thrilled to announce that Boharr has launched a first-of-its-kind end-to-end Corporate Fixed Deposit solution on our PaaS platform. Our innovative solution covers the entire journey, from customer onboarding to investment management and settlement online, making it easier than ever for wealth managers to manage their product offerings.

What sets our Corporate Fixed Deposit solution apart is that it is fully integrated and seamless and it’s the first time a fully integrated solution is available on a PaaS platform, and it’s exclusively offered by Boharr. We’re also excited that our clients can now offer access to fixed deposits from two leading NBFCs, Bajaj Finance, and Mahindra Finance, through our platform.

At Boharr, we’re committed to providing financial solutions that help our clients grow their businesses by expanding their product range and improving lifetime customer value. Our new Corporate Fixed Deposit solution is just one more step in our journey to becoming a comprehensive multi-asset class PaaS platform.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the financial industry, and we’re confident that our clients will find our Corporate Fixed Deposit solution to be truly unique in the market. If you’re a wealth manager looking to improve your product range and customer retention, contact us today to learn more about our Corporate Fixed Deposit solution.

27th Feb 2023

“Boharr Fintech Launches India’s First SaaS-Based Paperless Redemption of MF Units in Demat”

We are pleased to announce a pioneering feature on our comprehensive wealth management platform that enables a paperless redemption facility for mutual fund units held in demat form. This is available to all Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs) registered as Depository Participants (under NSDL) in India.

Our Client’s Customers can now redeem their mutual fund units seamlessly and electronically through the ‘Depository’ route, by themselves through an electronic request or action the request triggered by their relationship manager. This feature represents a new era in wealth management, providing our clients with a ubiquitous solution to manage their customer’s investments.

Our dedication to customer experience and feedback is evident in the innovative features of our pre-integrated comprehensive wealth management platform. The latest offering is our commitment to keeping our B2B clients stay at the forefront of wealth management innovation.

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